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Career Coffee Chat

Sep 6, 2021

You have hardwired gifts that fuel success. Learn how to leverage your Authentic Core Self, and thrive!

Guest Anna J. Stephenson of Authentic Core Life Coaching shares the 5 aspects of body, mind, and soul each individual is uniquely wired for (your Authentic Core Self). Leveraging these will give you a fulfilling and...

Aug 23, 2021

The future of work is here and it's important to elevate your presence to achieve the career advancement you want. Some people are celebrating potentially returning to “normal” – although that is a long way away yet AND the future of work will not be the way it was Pre-Pandemic.

Join myself and world-renowned...

Aug 9, 2021

Featuring Special Guest: The Job Search Gladiator: Michael Altshuler - Internationally recognized motivational speaker, peak performance & career expert.

If you are wondering what really matters to get seen in a very competitive job search market, this show is for you!

We discuss:

Successful career change clarity

Jul 26, 2021

A great discussion with Landi Spearman, L6S, CEO of Organized SHIFT - Change Leadership & Future of Work Expert. Get your career in gear with future-proof strategies!

SHIFT can either happen BY you or TO you ... make your move intentional!

☕ We will discuss how to connect in the age of social distancing

☕ How to...

Jul 12, 2021

Join me and my special guest: Annie Leib, MBA, GGA - who is a superstar empath & life-alignment coach! We discuss how to STOP RUNNING AWAY FROM YOUR DREAMS and embrace your authentic soul’s purpose.

Feeling burned-out, run-down, over-worked, afraid to say "no" or to even take time off? Is this what you want out of...