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Jul 27, 2020

Over 96% of people fail to fully express their career contributions in their resume, LinkedIn, or in the interview. In fact, a major part of salary negotiation hinges upon understanding and articulating your professional impact! Discover how to identify and articulate your professional career contributions!

In this...

Jul 20, 2020

Building your brand is an essential part of strategic career growth. Now that most of us are working remotely, how we approach brand building as a professional is very different. To most, building your brand when we are locked into virtual interactions can appear daunting. In this episode, I break down exactly what...

Jul 13, 2020

"I'm feeling stuck in my career and I'm not sure what my next best step is. I think I need to just find another job but I don't want to land right back in the same mess again." Sound familiar? In this episode I will share:

  • Four questions to get clear on what your best next step is.
  • The top 5 fears that keep people...

Jul 4, 2020

When we think of influence, typically we think of what other people can do for us. What if I told you that is backwards? In this episode, I will share with you what influence isn't, how the most successful motivators influence others, and what you can do to increase your influence immediately.